why join us ?

Paris EUROPLACE is extending its actions to promote the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Paris financial marketplace through various activities: a think tank, contribution to projects on a European scale, organisation of international roadshows, development of research and innovation in the financial sector and support for start-ups and FinTech.

Paris EUROPLACE welcomes any listed or unlisted company whether it is a French, European or International institution based in France. Joining Paris EUROPLACE gives you the opportunity to:



Contribute to Paris EUROPLACE's European action and develop your contacts at a European level

Intervene and add a dynamic note to your investor relations by participating in our International Financial Forums in Paris and abroad (Europe, USA, China, Japan, Russia, Maghreb, Middle East ...)  

Strengthen your public relations effort through privileged meetings and exchanges with other members and other market players, both public and private

Benefit from welcome and information services for foreign companies, investors, banks and financial intermediaries who would like to develop their activities in Paris and in Europe

Access to information on news, current events and on the organization of the Paris financial marketplace and European capital markets, as well as information relating to the economic, regulatory and tax environment

Participate in the development of the French FinTech through the activities of FINANCE INNOVATION, the Paris financial services global cluster

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