Three committees – Issuers, Investors and Intermediaries – bring together chief executives and CFOs of Paris EUROPLACE’s members. Together, they make proposals on the Paris marketplace main issues: business financing (large companies, mid-caps and SMEs), the developments of long-term savings, banking disintermediation... Different working groups gather for different topics related to the improvement the competitiveness and the attractiveness of the Paris financial marketplace. They focus on various French and European reforms in legal, tax and regulatory fields. Among their priorities are also infrastructure financing and sustainable finance (Financing the energy transition, Responsible Investment/ CSR, crowdfunding, Climate Finance and actions for a low-carbon economy…).


Paris EUROPLACE actively contributes to European initiatives and consultations with the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as to international initiatives (G20, B20-Business 20). Topics include market organization and competitiveness, European financial integration, international exchanges and cooperation, and creating a level playing field for market participants. Through these actions, Paris EUROPLACE submits proposals from Paris marketplace stakeholders to elaborate a competitive industrial policy for European finance with a common basis of rules, increasingly integrated structures and consolidated and homogeneous supervision.


Paris EUROPLACE organizes International Financial Forums around the world to promote the strengths and opportunities of the French financial markets to international investors, issuers and financial intermediaries. Paris EUROPLACE also strengthens long-term ties with emerging financial centres through cooperation agreements (Algiers, Almaty, Bahrain, Dubai, Casablanca, Moscow, Shanghai, Tunis…).


Launched in 2008, the financial cluster FINANCE INNOVATION, chaired by Jean-Hervé LORENZI, acts for the support and development of innovative SMEs in the financial sector and, more broadly, assists industrial competitiveness clusters. It also promotes innovation in several business lines: banking, insurance, asset management, real estate, social business, consulting, and accounting and related professions.

Research iN FINANCE

Founded in 2008 and chaired by André LEVY-LANG, the Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB) works to fund, encourage, and spread the word about world-class research in economy and finance. ILB brings together academic institutions, economic partners and public authorities with more than 40 research programs, nearly 350 researchers and more than 70 partners (businesses and public agencies). In 2012, ILB also launched the Laboratory Center of Excellence called "Finance and Sustainable Growth".