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Paris Infraweek - Inaugural Day

07 Oct.

Paris Infraweek - Inaugural Day

Pierre Mendès France Conference Center, MINISTRY FOR THE ECONOMY AND FINANCE 139, rue de Bercy 75012 Paris

As the common thread of the 2019 Paris Infraweek, “Infrastructure Quality” is placed at the heart of international debates, particularly in the context of Japan's G20 presidency of the G20 conclusions on ‘Quality Infrastructure Investment (QII)’, the Paris Infraweek will be an opportunity for Global infrastructure key players to contribute to the international debate on the quality of infrastructures, a key topic for an effective and sustainable response to the global fast growing demand on infrastructure.

With a strong international focus, the Paris Infraweek 2019 will roll out this theme based on a geographical approach Europe and Emerging Countries. And, “Infrastructure Quality” will be examined from different angles: sustainability of financing, digital and innovation, contribution to development, impact in terms of social and environmental costs, etc.