The digital transformation of the financial industry

  • The revolution in usage and technologies affects all finance business lines and activities: new distribution and investment channels (online financial services, crowd-funding and crowd-lending, etc.); payment systems and means of payment; data processing (big data, blockchains, etc.); new portfolio allocation tools (robo-advisers, etc.); InsurTech (connected medicine, artificial intelligence, etc.)
  • This financial revolution is a source of entrepreneurial and managerial challenges but, above all, it offers a host of opportunities for our country.


The Finance Innovation cluster, the flagship of French FinTech

  • The cluster, set up at the instigation of Paris EUROPLACE in 2008, is a project factory that has already identified 500 innovative projects.
  • It is the leading sourcing and support platform for FinTech companies in France.

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The challenge of funding innovation

  • Paris has some effective tools to take up this challenge: innovation capital, corporate venturing; research tax credits, etc. 
  • But we need to move up a gear: according to KPMG, global investment in FinTech companies was $20 billion in 2015 whereas at the same time French FinTechs raised only €100 million: many start-ups but still no unicorns... 


A favourable ecosystem that needs to be stimulated by:

  • Capitalising on our trump cards: financial mathematics, excellent training courses, finance research (1000 finance researchers) especially through the Institut Louis Bachelier, set up in 2008 at the instigation of Paris EUROPLACE.
  • Mobilising the entire ecosystem to win the digital battle, using two drivers in particular: the synergies between start-ups and industrial or financial groups (access to large accounts, mechanisms for sharing supplier risk, commercial partnerships, corporate venture capital, support programme for young managers similar to that set up by Enternext, etc.); international promotion, especially at Paris EUROPLACE’s International Financial Forum.