Each year, Paris EUROPLACE facilitates a programme of International Financial Gatherings intended for investors, companies and international market participants, to promote the Paris marketplace and explain how it can offer access to the European markets. These events are an opportunity for high-level French and international presenters and participants to meet at round tables and workshops. Regular gatherings include: Paris, New-York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow, Casablanca, Algiers, etc.



Since 2008, Paris EUROPLACE has signed multiple cooperation agreements with new, high-growth markets and has developed regular dialogues with emerging financial marketplaces, particularly by hosting delegations and organising workshops and seminars on the subject of French best practice in the areas of regulation, security of transactions, market infrastructures, green finance, etc

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In addition to the cooperation agreements concluded with the emerging financial marketplaces in North Africa, a new initiative for financial cooperation between Africa and France was established in 2015 with the creation of "Cluster Finances Africa-France". This cluster falls within the scope of the project undertaken by the French and African heads of state when they met at the Elysée Summit at the end of 2013, for the creation of a French-African Foundation for Growth, intended to accelerate and strengthen economic relationships between Africa and France. Led by Paris EUROPLACE and several African financial market participants, the cluster is intended to build a wide network of players in the French and African banking and financial sectors, public and private, to make finance a real driver for growth in Africa as well as in France.