An initial cooperation agreement was signed in 2010 to promote regular dialogue between Paris EUROPLACE and the City of Moscow. It focuses on issues including the development of the institutional environment and regulation of the financial markets, the development of international financial centres, debt management, and support for Russian companies seeking to establish a presence in France. The issue also applies to French companies seeking to do the same in Russia.

These areas for cooperation were added to with the signature of a second agreement in 2012, which focuses on the development of the Moscow International Financial Center (MIFC) via, in particular, exchanges of experience and best practice on the subject of infrastructure development, security of the financial markets and the development of indices and ratings on international financial marketplaces. The establishment of a joint working group between MIFC and Paris EUROPLACE, to work specifically on issues relating to indices, is being looked into.


Paris EUROPLACE is a member of the Franco-Russian Council for Economic, Financial, Industrial and Commercial Cooperation (CEFIC), which is chaired by the French Minister for the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector, Emmanuel MACRON, and the Russian Minister for Economic Development, Alexey OULIOUKAEV. CEFIC is the body that establishes bilateral cooperation between France and Russia in the economic sector. It meets once a year, with the meeting held either in France or Russia alternately.


Paris EUROPLACE regularly organises a number of seminars in Paris and Moscow for Russian and French delegates. Recent themes developed include:

  • "Securitization Mechanism’s Implementation" with the Russian central bank
  • "Digital Financial Services Development and Proportionate Regulation and Supervision Role" with the Russian central bank
  • "Moscow-Paris Financial Centers: How to Cross Fertilized Regulatory Road Map? French and European priorities" with the FFMS (Federal Financial Markets Services)
  • "Business Partnership Enforcement of the Russian-French Relations in the European and French Context" with the association of Russian regional banks


Since its very beginning, Paris EUROPLACE has supported the development of innovative French start-ups and SMEs in Russia.

In November 2013, Paris EUROPLACE led a delegation of around 20 French entrepreneurs in Moscow in connection with the OPEN INNOVATIONS forum. During that year, France was the guest of honour, represented by a delegation of several ministers led by the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.

Paris EUROPLACE and the global competition cluster FINANCE INNOVATION collaborate regularly with Business France to support French SMEs seeking to develop their businesses in Russia (cloud, big data, mobile banking, security of transactions, smart cities, etc.).

Paris EUROPLACE also maintains a regular dialogue with MEF 2.0 ("Maison des entrepreneurs") - the leading Export incubator for French SME's in Russia - which has continued since its creation, and with Numa Moscow. Numa, the number one accelerator of French start-ups based in Paris, chose Moscow as the starting point for its international development.

Contact for Russia: Anne-Claire ROUX - +331 70 98 06 36 or via the contact form here.