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Since the Paris Agreement was adopted at COP21, the financial community has taken important steps towards tackling climate change. The mobilization of capital for the low-carbon transition is well underway, and there is concrete progress in the financial community towards more resilient growth, regulation, risk management, green technologies and infrastructure, and new financing tools and products.

This momentum has been sustained over the past two years but must accelerate. After two successful meetings in Paris in 2015 and last year in Casablanca, the 3rd Climate Finance Day will be held on December 11, 2017, the eve of the Summit that will be organized by the French Government to celebrate the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

Climate Finance Day 2017 will take stock of climate action in the financial sector since COP21. It will showcase recent initiatives and innovations from the financial sector to accelerate the adoption of forward-looking strategies around the world. Those initiatives will be highlighted the following day at the occasion of the Summit that will be attended by international leaders, CEOs, and government representatives.