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Report on the Paris EUROPLACE Conference of 6th October

The morning conference on “significant improvements to the competitiveness of the French regulatory framework” organised by Paris EUROPLACE on 6th October met with great success. Three ordinances passed in application of the “Sapin II” law – on the development of bond issues, the legal framework for security agents and the modernisation of the legal framework for asset management and debt financing – mark the achievement of a concerted effort of the Paris Financial Centre and the perseverance of the members of the Paris EUROPLACE “Financial Law” Committee, chaired by Michel Prada. The chairmen of the three dedicated working groups, Gilles Endreo, Jean-François Adelle and Etienne Gentil, Hervé Touraine, respectively, explained how these new texts contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the French financial law. Nonetheless, the fight for attractiveness continues and the Committee pursues its active work. The Paris Financial Centre currently enjoys an unprecedented configuration, and, in particular in the context of Brexit, Paris EUROPLACE intends to be a major contributor to the implementation of a full-fledged strategy.